Lauren Marie Atkinson

In 2013, Lauren quit her successful job managing a local floral shop and all of their events—and jumped headfirst – as she does with most things—into bringing LMA Designs to life. Her fearlessness, passion for her craft and drive to deliver high-quality results for her clients has allowed the company to become one of the premier floral design companies in Nashville.

The L, the M and the A of LMA Designs, Lauren is the heart and soul of the team—she is one of those rare breeds that is not only a logistical expert but also a creative type. Chalk it up to growing up on her family’s flower farm and a lifetime of designing florals but Lauren has an unmatched eye for design and a knack for reflecting clients’ individual styles through events. 

She brings a deep passion to everything she does, whether it’s cooking, Crossfit or working with the local Down Syndrome achievement center, Gigi’s Playhouse—for which she was recently awarded the Gloria and Cindy Koch Volunteer Spirit of the Year Award.






The first face you see when you walk through the doors at LMA Designs is undoubtedly Ellie’s. Thanks to her excellent judge of character, she began at LMA Designs as the head of security and despite being the youngest on the team, has risen through the ranks and has assumed many roles within the company. Her expressive, friendly and curious nature made her a natural fit for the job of deputy flower inspector in addition to team mascot and VP of morale.

Always willing to lend a paw—especially when it comes to removing excess water from the flower buckets or making sure the couch is comfortable enough for guests, it’s no surprise that Ellie has been voted Employee of the Week for three straight years and counting, although, between you and me, it might have something to do with the fact that her mom is the owner of the company…

Meet the LMA Designs Team


Despite events being a fleeting moment in time, the impression that LMA Designs leaves on clients is lifelong, which is how we have cultivated long-term relationships with the majority of our clients. We take pride in each and every flower we touch and bouquet we design- whether an elopement bridal bouquet or the grandest of affairs to fresh flower bundles delivered to you through Wink.  We strive to bring each client's vision to life and express their emotions through our designs with flowers.








Ruth Nagyvegi

Ruth doesn’t shy away from a challenge, she tackles it, with ferocity. Not only is she is a quick thinker and an excellent problem solver, but has a wealth of experience in many fields including retail, events, hospitality, sales and weddings that always seems to come in handy. 

Through her studies and work in fine art and visual design, Ruth has developed strong skills in creating aesthetics through the use of color, textures, and space. With her specialized design knowledge, Ruth provides individualized guidance in event planning and design to each of our clients. There is no room for disappointment when working with Ruth, her ability to adapt and thrive makes her the perfect addition to the LMA Designs team. 

Besides without Ruth, Ellie would not have her most favorite best friend!